Peppermint and Biscoff Chocolate Chip Cookies



Peppermint…Biscoff cookie butter…chocolate…cookies…do I need to go on? I don’t think that I do. These cookies are magic, pure magic. I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to actually start baking Christmas cookies, but I just couldn’t wait anymore. How is one supposed to wait, when our local supermarkets are just throwing Christmas cookie ingredients in our faces!? It’s just not fair, but still kind of fair because a great batch of cookies came out of it! These cookies represent everything that is the holiday season: peppermint, chocolate, etc. Beware, they are slightly addicting, as much as they are slightly fattening. It’s time to splurge, and by splurge, I mean consuming large amounts of cookies. As you guys start prepping for Thanksgiving, take a little break and whip up something you can munch on while you cook. These cookies will play the part perfectly =).





If you haven’t tried Biscoff cookie spread (or something similar – Trader Joe’s makes a fantastic version), do yourself a favor and try it. I don’t put this lightly. You are missing out.




I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful cookie dough…ever.



Weather: It’s gorgeous out. Just gorgeous. I really hope that this weather carries over into Thursday. As for those of you in the Eastern states, get out those snow boots! You are going to need them!

What’s going on: It’s been an insanely busy day, and I’m pretty proud of what I have accomplished! Not only did I whip up an excellent batch of cookies, but I cleaned the entire house (in preparation for my dad and sister’s arrival) AND I made my pie dough as part of my Thanksgiving prep. I think I deserve a beer, or thirteen beers. Wait, no…yes…one beer should be sufficient. It is only 3:30pm.

Recipe Fun Facts:

Just like any other thing I bake, the altitude plays a major role. This recipe will be no different. Keep an eye on your cookies. They may not take as long as mine take to bake. If I were at sea level, I would start to keep an eye on my cookies at the 8 minute mark. One thing is for sure, you DO NOT want to overcook these babies. This is of the utmost importance. Trust me. Your well-being depends on it…and so does mine.

Beer Love:

We haven’t paired with Victory in quite a while, and I think it’s about time that we do. Their Imperial Stout: Storm King is one of my favorite Imperial Stouts out there. It is so robust and flavorful. It’s perfect for the cool weather and is also a great brew to serve during the holidays. It’s not the lightest beer in the world, so be careful. Pair it with chocolate and sweets. It pairs very well with these cookies. Give it a go!

Have a great day everyone!





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