Fresh Herb Focaccia



I’m all about easy bread making. Let’s be honest, some times making homemade bread can be a serious pain in the butt. More often than not I find myself just picking up a loaf at the bakery. They make a lot of good bread at those bakeries =). There is something to be said for making your own though. There’s like that hidden sense of accomplishment that you feel when you’ve finished baking a loaf of bread and it comes out perfectly. Then there’s that sense of disappointment when you’ve finished baking a loaf of bread and it comes out dreadful. I’ve been pretty successful here with bread lately (the same can not be said for my cake baking). Focaccia is one of my favorite types and the reason is because it is just so freaking easy to make. If you’ve never baked bread before and you are looking for a simple recipe, please try focaccia. You will get so much satisfaction out of it when you are done. What is so fun about making focaccia is how creative you can get with it. This recipe is kind of a blank slate (minus the fresh herbs). You can put just about whatever you want on top: tomatoes, olives, cheese, garlic, onions…the sky is really the limit. It’s perfect with soup (we paired it with our gazpacho from the other day) and it really is the perfect savory bread.






I went with fresh herbs for my topping for a couple of different reasons. Number one – I have a ton of herbs growing absolutely out of control on my patio. I really can not keep up with them. As a result, this loaf may have been a little bit over the top with herbs. I’m thinking some kind of crazy pesto is in order next because I just don’t know what else to do! I guess I should be grateful that they are growing like crazy in this God awful heat, but still, there is only so much two people can eat in the herb department! Anyway…Number two – I really wanted to pair this with a great beer and as soon as I hear the words “fresh herbs,” once specific beer comes to mind:

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?

Dogfish Head’s Saison du BUFF (collaboration with Victory and Stone)

I know what you are thinking…why do I constantly pair with beers that are so seriously limited? Because they are the best beers around…duh! When you buy a brew that’s of “limited” availability, that just makes it so much more special. The brewers obviously put a lot of thought into it, and if they’ve “collabed” (collaboration verbage if you were wondering) with other breweries to make it…well that makes it even MORE special! Saison du BUFF is just one of those special ones. It was released some time ago, but you never know, a bottle shop could have one lingering (you can also find it in Victory and Stone bottles — the collaborators). Who knows, maybe they will release it again sometime soon! If you absolutely can not find it, find something similar that has been brewed with fresh herbs. You will not regret this decision. I promise.

Have a great day everyone! Oh and bake some bread! (as long as it’s not too hot)



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