About Us

Zach and I love all things food. We love cooking, dining and exploring new and unique restaurants. When Zach moved from Pasadena, California and I from “the middle of nowhere” New Jersey to central Colorado, we were able to explore the world of food a little bit better. We created this blog to share our favorite ideas and recipes for all to enjoy. The central Colorado area has brought us a much broader world of sustainable growing practices and new ingredients we weren’t always able to enjoy in our previous residences. With the addition of exciting new ingredients in the area, we also were able to explore new and better craft beer options! We thought to ourselves, what better way to explore new food and beer, but to pair them together!

This is Cilantro. We love him, even though he eats our furniture.

Justine does the majority of the blog posts, while Zach does the majority of the “technical stuff.” With each and every new post, we learn something new about photography, content and just food and beer in general.

We spend most of our time cooking, crafting and climbing up mountains. We have a puppy, Cilantro, who also takes up a lot of our time! We hope you enjoy exploring our first blog and take as much out of it as we do!

Zach and Justine