The Big Question: Why Pair Beer and Food?

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I like to answer a question with a question, so, why not pair beer with food? We are all custom to going to a fine restaurant and seeing a menu that includes wine suggestions for everything from the avacado fries to the creme brulee. I really feel that one reason for this is that there are an unimaginable number of different wines on the market these days and each of them have their own unique flavor. Not only are there subtle differences between Bob’s merlot and Carl’s merlot, but each one brings something slightly different to the meal that, when paired with a dish, brings out flavors in the food (as well as the food bringing out flavors in the wine) that can often be masked by more pungent flavors.

So, why beer and not wine? While the wine industry, when measured by pure number of wineries, far surpasses the brewing industry. Yet, within the past two decades, the craft brewing industry has been booming. There are now more than 1900 craft breweries in the United States alone. Even just 15 years ago, you would have been forced to look far and wide to find a craft brewed IPA or Scotch Ale in this great nation. With so many craft breweries comes countless beer types and within each category lie numerous different takes on the same beer. Today, your standard IPA is like your standard merlot, there are you $5 bottles and there are your $30 bottles. Don’t believe me, go check your local beer mart . . . I bet you there are some $30 bottles of beer in there.

With the large number of breweries and each one making numerous styles of beer, we are left with 10’s of thousands of beers to choose from these days. This can be overwhelming for the average person. But, I am not the average person. At last count, I have tried at least 2,000 different beers (at one point I saved the bottles as evidence of this, but it took up way too much space). Not only have I been across the country (and around the world) when it comes to beers, I have brewed numerous successful beers and with that comes the knowledge of what it takes to make a good craft brew.

Now for the cooking. Justine and I both share a deep passion for all things edible. While if I was forced to eat nothing but store bought ice cream for the rest of my life I likely would not complain, I do love to spend time in the kitchen. So does Justine. In fact, while spending the first 7 months of our relationship on opposite coasts, we were forced to do skype dates as opposed to your usual dinner and a movie. We spent our evening dabbling in all things cooking, making everything under the sun and learning countless styles of cookings and techniques. Justine has spent numerous years in the restaurant business and knows what it takes to put good, wholesome meals on the table. Together, we bring this experience in the kitchen together with a vast knowledge of beer to bring to you, Cooking and Beer.

Please do not hesitate to leave us a comment or shoot us an email with a question if you have a problem with our site or if you just want to know a bit more about cooking and beer.

We hope you enjoy. And, don’t forget, everything in life is made better with a cold craft beer.

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